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FM-Selfpit No.164


■□□ No.164

1.Falling © Anduze
2.I Wanna Be An Animal © antonfosh
3.Goodbye © Curious
4.Sleepwaking © Day One Symphony
5.Betty © The Lascivious Biddies




Two and a half years ago, Anduze released “Oracle”…and then he disappeared.
Over the ensuing months, he’d turn up doing acoustic shows
in historic buildings converted into bars, like Freud Café in Oxford, England.
Then maybe you’d see him at one of Paris’s hottest clubs,
Man Ray, performing wit




I'm an 18 year old boy who lives in Scotland, UK. My main instrument is piano,
and I have been playing for 11 years now.
For the last year I've been having proper singing lessons
at my college for performing arts, but while I'm at college I can't really write music
easily due to not having enough time.
I've been writing music for about 7 years now,
although when I was 10 it wasn't really any good!
Garageband has helped me so much to get professional sounding recordings.
(by antonfosh)




Hello, my name is CURIOUS, (yes, my parents gave me this name)
I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I’ve been playing bass and singing in bands since my early teens.
All of this led me to here and now.Creating music for me is a way of life;
an attempt to fill the void that other things have created. It is a pass
(by Curious)


Day One Symphony


Day One Symphony, from San Jose, California, formed in 2003.
They have since released 2 EPs, the 3-song [e]sampler (May 2004),
and 7-song AVICIOUSCIRCLE (May 2005).
Available here are three tracks from AVICIOUSCIRCLE.


The Lascivious Biddies


New York City's all-female cocktail pop quartet The Lascivious Biddies
have earned a reputation for having an energetic and tightly woven live show
that sparkles with four-part harmonies, expert musicianship, and magnetic wit.


■□□ No.163 Christmas Songs vol.2

1.Christmas is here © Number One Fan
2.Christmas in Bethlehem © Nu Beat
3.Christmas...sweeter than wine © Heth and Jed
4.O Come All Ye Faithful © Jill Parr
5.Silent Night © Merry Ellen


Number One Fan


Number One Fans stunning debut album, Compromises,
was co-produced by the band members with Justin Perkins and Eric Thielen
at Thielens Simple Studios in Green Bay.
The album showcases the bands unique brand of ultra-melodic,
yet hard-driving pop/rock.


Nu Beat


In a word, Nu Beat's goal is to make a difference
in a world where the scramble to get ahead
often crowds out the things that really matter
--love for God, love for family and love for others.
We hope that our products will brighten your life and


Heth and Jed


Hey! We just wanna say thank you to all the podcasters
for al the plays and positivity! Muchas Gracias.
(by Heth and Jed)

2 brothers making music. Their CD "Between the In and the Out"
is a reference to the timeless state you experience right
after you exhale and before the body gath


Jill Parr


Jill Parr is a well known, well traveled artist in Contemporary Christian Music
having generated five nationally charting singles on her two releases.
New record releasing in early 06.


Merry Ellen


Podcasters: Thanks so much for checking out my music.
Let me know if you need anything,
I'll be more than happy to help out with ID's or whatever you need.
Click my website link above to go to my MySpace,
or check out my reverbnation page,
(by Merry Ellen)


■□□ No.162 Christmas Songs vol.1

1.Jingle Bells © Skid Row (Podsafe)
2.Santa Clause Is Coming To Town © Dokken (Podsafe)
3.Blue Christmas © Tom Keiffer of Cinderella (Podsafe)
4.If Every Day Were Christmas © Podsafe for Peace
5.Merry Christmas to You and Your Friends © voices united 2


Skid Row


スキッド・ロウ(SKID ROW)はアメリカ・ニュー・ジャージーで1986年に結成された
ヘヴィメタルバンドである。 デイブ・スネイク・セイボとレイチェル・ボランが核となり、
ジョン・ボン・ジョヴィが運営するレーベルNEWJER-SEY UNDERGROUNDの協力を得て
Atlantic Recordsからデビューした。
(by Wikipedia)




Dokken (ドッケン)は1982年にデビューしたアメリカのヘヴィメタルバンド。
(by Wikipedia)


Tom Keiffer of Cinderella


(by Wikipedia)


Podsafe for Peace


The song (If Every Day Were Christmas) is a collaboration
between 32 singers from 9 countries
-- a group collectively known as Podsafe for Peace --
all brought together by the populist phenomenon of podcasting
and the desire to pool their talents for a worthy cause.
And few causes make more sense at Christmastime than UNICEF,
which aids children in need around the world.
The song was produced by Slau and co-written by Orlando Pagan.


voices united 2


Pod Music Street 2周年記念プロジェクト

企画・制作:thin-p [ A'sf -Pod- Radio ]
音楽・編曲:Steve Pottenger & thin-p
演奏・録音:Steve Pottenger

voices united 2 (The order of appearance)
足立裕二 [KID SENSE]、thin-p、Verriet、JIMI WEST、鶴丸、Rach、ryo-n、Hit、
Maty Soul、まーらいおん、ふぃべ、たんとび、Rachel Pearl、FishLIN、nemchin、
ゆーま、EWA、tea katoh、DREAD DAZE、hiprick & yamasaki、rachy、足立裕二、
ALEX, Charies, Miss Isabel, Ben, Jeff, Sef [YOUR FAVORITE ENEMIES] 、
みっちー、Armand [Astral 22]、Yuri


■□□ No.161

1.The Letdown © The White Tie Affair
2.Allow Me to Introduce Myself...Mr.Right © The White Tie Affair
3.The Departed © Nick and Gerald
4.Doing Time © Jann Klose
5.Aspiring Angel © Bari Koral


The White Tie Affair


The White Tie Affair was born out of the death of two local Chicago bands
(A Perfect Gentleman and Made in Hollywood).
When Chris Wallace (vox) and Sean-P (guitar) began writing songs
in Sean’s home studio in Northwest Indiana.


Nick and Gerald


Nick+Gerald are Nick Gaiger and Gerald Berliner.
They originally hail from West London, first meeting at school
in Ealing and have remained life-long friends ever since.
In 1993 Gerald left London to take up residence
in New York where he now lives. Nick remained in London.
Not letting a mere 3000 miles get in the way,
they forged a transatlantic collaboration to continue
their shared passion for making music,
only this time from either side of the Atlantic.


Jann Klose


"Jann Klose's vocal range covers almost as much ground as Klose has himself.
A native of Hamburg who has also lived in Kenya,
Klose whetted his appetite for music at age 16,
when he came to Cleveland as a foreign-exchange student.
After finishing his studies in Germany, he returned to Ohio
to launch his music career, eventually relocating to New York City in 2000.


Bari Koral


Bari Koral's 12-song Confessions of an Indiegirl looks,
sounds and, more importantly, feels like it should be a blockbuster hit.
A sure bet to be one of the biggest releases of 2005
given the proper exposure, comparisons to such artists as Chrissie Hynde,
Lucinda Williams, Roseanne Cash, Norah Jones.


■□□ No.160 トークプログラム


1.voice © OBSCURE FIRM
2.ありがとう © lemon
3.MTV © Deep Purple
4.Here With You © Intrinsic
5.Tell Me Why © Kayle


+Wato's Select

+Select Music Link

+Pod Music Street
+GarageBand Users Club
+podsafe music network

Net Radio Link
+Toshibo's Web Radio
+Sunday Server.


■□□ No.159

1.Promenade_5 © ROMANUS
2.I'm travelling © ROMANUS
3.Tidal © Tidal
4.Nevermore © Tidal
5.When Oceans Switch © Tidal




The Secret Lives of Trees, from Roman(us) is an innovative,
eclectic and impressively cohesive collection of tracks
that leaves listeners feeling deeply satisfied ear to ear, head to toe.




Tidal is a musical project exploring epic soundscapes,
hard hitting riffs and melodic vocals, all vaguely oceanic in inspiration ....
you know, the swell of the ocean, the surge of the tides,
the crashing of the waves on the shore...


■□□ No.158

1.The music © David Usher
2.So far down © David Usher
3.Catch it if you can © Fallen From Grace
4.SHABADA DO DO © kerin
5.いつしか僕は恋をした © 工藤江里菜


David Usher


Born in Oxford England, his mother a Thai Buddhist painter
and father a Canadian Jewish economist,
David was raised in England, Canada, Thailand, and Malaysia
and is now living and performing out of the East Village in New York.
He has a degree in Political Science.


Fallen From Grace


Five years ago you could not have found the five members
of Fallen from Grace in a more diverse cross culture of music.
Whether it was playing soulful solo acoustic acts before fervent college kids,
spinning at a New York City rave or grinding it out on stage
with gritty metal and industrial acts, Fallen from Grace has spent years passing
through the many circles of the American music scene.
Fast forward to today, and the band is touring the eastern seaboard,
which will culminate in a main stage appearance at the Verizon amphitheater
in Virginia with the likes of Sugar Ray, Collective Soul, and Pat McGee.
The band has also begun a relationship with the legendary Webster Hall
in New York City, which has formed a live music alliance
with top venues The Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge. ....
(by MySpace)


kerin / 工藤江里菜


2006年5月、インディーズのSMALL TOWN RECORDより1stアルバム『keriangle』を発売。


■□□ No.157

1.As long as the world is turning © Beatrice Ericsson
2.Dream big © Sakai
3.Heavenly Day © Patty Griffin
4.Moonlight © Christopher Burke
5.Temporary and eternal -live version- © Happy Rhodes


Beatrice Ericsson


Beatrice been singing in all kinds of bands,
choirs and groups (one was actually called "Waky Paky..:).
For many years she´s been working as a demo
and backgroundsinger and been singing and dancing
in many different showgroups and musicals.




Los Angeles, California (September 17, 2007) ―
Family Tree Records has joined forces
with The Rob Nonies Label Group and Koch Distribution
on the release of Sakai’s DREAM BIG.
“I Like,” the first single from DREAM BIG is graced
with the guitar-playing wizardry of Dwayne Wiggins
of Tony! Tone! Tone


Patty Griffin


Over the years, Patty Griffin has created an ever-widening circle
of fans with her distinctive voice.
Rolling Stone called it "an amazing instrument."
Her recordings have been included in films
and television and most recently appeared on the soundtracks
for Cameron Crowe's film "Elizabethtown."


Christopher Burke


A recent Nashville resident, I've been working on music all my life.
With Pat McGrath (co-writer/producer),
I have cultivated a sound that is just mine.
A mixture of classic soul, pop... blue eyed soul.
(text by Christopher Burke)


Happy Rhodes


Happy (her real name) was born and lives in upstate New York,
has released 10 albums and makes music for the sheer love of it.
She started writing when she was 11 and soaked up influences
such as Wendy Carlos, and later, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
She's her own artist though, as you will hear.


■□□ No.156

1.Since Youve Been Gone © Anthony Rankin
2.Left to Say © Anthony Rankin
3.Smoke & Mirrors © Anthony Rankin
4.Pornographer's Dream © Suzanne Vega
5.Turn © Karmacoda


Anthony Rankin


This young Pittsburgh native has only begun to show his abilities
and he’s already leagues beyond most.
His powerful voice is the perfect vehicle for his emotional rock songs,
and he complements himself on electric guitar and keyboards
with astonishing ease. (read full bio at AnthonyRankin.com)


Suzanne Vega


When her "Luka" hit #3 pop in 1987,
earning her three Grammy nominations, including for Record of the Year,
Vega ushered in a female, acoustic, folk-pop singer-songwriter movement
that would include the likes of Tracy Chapman, Shawn Colvin,
and Indigo Girls as well as the Lilith Fair phenomenon.




Karmacoda's organic electronica has a sound distinctly their own,
combining compelling, emotional music and absolutely breathtaking vocals.
Karmacoda render human issues through the electronic medium
to create the perfect aural escape from our ultra-commercialized planet.


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